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Shortly before his death, Martin Luther, the great sixteenth-century German reformer, allowed his collected Latin works to be collected and published. He wrote an introduction for that collection as follows:

For a long time I strenuously resisted those who wanted my books, or more correctly my confused lucubrations, published. I did not want the labors of the ancients to be buried by my new works and the reader kept from reading them. Then, too, by God’s grace a great many systematic books now exist…. But my books, as it happened, yes, as the lack of order in which the events transpired made it necessary, are accordingly crude and disordered chaos, which is now not easy to arrange even for me.

“Confused lucubrations,” “crude and disordered chaos” … sounds like a blog. If that describes Luther’s work, well, then, I’m going to go ahead and fire my ideas off into the ether too. Mostly this is about teaching, but it’s also about life. I’m a religious studies professor at a small liberal-arts college in southeastern Pennsylvania, about an hour outside of Philadelphia.

Note: for the full English text of Luther’s introduction, go here. If for some reason you want to know more about me personally, you can try the links on this page, though they are also rather “crude and disordered.”


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